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  1. Power and knowledge in nursing practice: the contribution of Foucault.
  2. Understanding Foucault - Geoff Danaher - كتب Google
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  • About Understanding Foucault, Understanding Modernism.
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Foucault himself saw the calling into question of modernism to be the permanent task of his life's work, thereby opening a path for rethinking the social. Understanding Foucault, Understanding Modernism shows, on the one hand, that literature and the arts play a fundamental structural role in Foucault's works, while, on the other hand, it shifts to the foreground what it presumes to be motivating Foucault: the interrogation of the problem of modernism.

Power and knowledge in nursing practice: the contribution of Foucault.

Conceptualizing Foucault 1. Foucault and Aesthetics 7.

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This wide-ranging volume allows us to connect that analysis to his more neglected account of aesthetic modernism. It gives us a fuller and richer picture of a thinker who remains indispensable. The tripartite structure of the volume-which includes close readings of Foucault's major books, analyses of Foucault's engagements with modernist literature and art, and a glossary of Foucault's key concepts-makes this a delightfully accessible and comprehensive guide to Foucault's work.

Understanding Foucault - Geoff Danaher - كتب Google

The essays in the present, handsomely designed volume trace the mercurial philosopher's many lines of inquiry converging on the problematic notion of modernity. The authors examine Foucault's thinking in the context of the philosophies he engaged with during his career, and the events he participated in, including the student protests of A unique feature of the book is its consideration of the recently published lectures and minor works, and the authors show how these illuminate and extend our understanding of Foucault's major books.

Understanding Foucault provides an accessible entree to the world of this extraordinary and challenging philosopher.

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More books by this author. Category: Philosophy. An important feature of his theory is that where there is power there is also always resistance.

But it is only through a deepened understanding of the origin and structure of our present social order that we will be able to grasp and seize future possibilities for social change. This article was published by The Conversation. Christopher Pollard teaches philosophy and sociology at Deakin University.

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His research interests include 20th Century European philosophy and social theory, with a particular focus on the role of embodiment. Christopher Pollard August 29, Christopher Pollard.

Foucault: Biopower, Governmentality, and the Subject

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