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I felt like a failure, but I knew if I kept going something would happen. All writers need to build this kind of stamina; there is no other way. Through years of experimenting I have come to know what works for me as a writer. Like many other writers, it is a strong sense of discipline and daily practice that keep me alert and inspired. I leave my house to write.

But now I am part of a co-working space in Copenhagen, called Klub, where I go most days. I work from am to pm, more or less, and sometimes in the evenings too. I begin by reading the work I did the previous day, then I start writing. I do not have targets for the day, but I know if I do four to six hours of writing every day, the novel will show up. The Hermit came out in The novel is about the Danish hermit Erhard, a cabdriver and piano tuner, who lives alone on the mountainside in Fuerteventura, one of the Canarian Islands.

He investigates of the murder of a child found in a car on a beach. But the case is not straightforward, and takes him far beyond his own limitations.

Swedish Book Review: News

The book has been published in more than 15 countries. The Missing was published in The novel is the second part of the Erhard Trilogy, and continues the story of Erhard after The Hermit. He is now working as an amateur detective, someone who will find lost dogs and hats. But an illegal immigrant needs his help when her husband goes missing. The Three Popes is published in , and is the final instalment in the Erhard Trilogy.

It picks up a year after The Missing. This time his assignment is to assist an old enemy in solving a case of rape and murder to earn the right to return to Fuerteventura, which he has left.

Best Scandinavian and Nordic Literature

At the arrival of a bestselling crime writer in Fuerteventura, who is there to research the curious case found in The Hermit , a red sand storm hits the island. I love a great thriller, if it is clever and rich in detail and style. The story has to be surprising, relevant, and painful. The characters need to be nuanced to keep me reading. They write more than thrillers, but this is the kind of literature to which I return.

I think there are a few good reasons.

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Many of the popular books are very character-driven and relationship-oriented, featuring somewhat realistic people with real problems like marriage and friendships, sons and daughters, dogs and cats. Even the villains are real people with fucked-up lives. You need a cynical hero, bored cops, rainy Tuesdays in ordinary suburbs, and a crime that is almost banal. The villain must be someone ordinary: the girl next door with a complex childhood, not a super-villain.

Welcome to the official site of Sweden. Discover the facts and stories of our country.

The emphasis is on the relational stuff, not on the investigational. And you need to include a level of social critique; that is essential to the Nordic Noir genre. Nordic thrillers are evolving and changing by the minute, and are inspired by what is happening in the world. But if I were to point out one feature, it would be the kind of realism that I described previously. The hero goes grocery shopping, cooks unappealing dinners alone and has estranged wives.

Anyone writing a Nordic noir will include our well-adjusted societies, and point out areas where we still need to improve or where we have previously failed. Any work will lose something in translation, but they might win something unexpected. If the translator is any good, they know how to substitute what is lost with something else that might be even better and more in-tune with the nature of the work. The beauty is that he changes and evolves throughout the series. A hermit investigator with no policing competencies, only his interpersonal skills and a Scandinavian sense of morality.

She is cool and tough and has a weird sense of beauty. Her first book is called Hummingbird.

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And as is usually the case, the books are much better than all the films and TV-series. Roseanna is the first of the books, so start there. If I were to inherit the works of one author, it would be Astrid Lindgren. Everyone knows Pippi and Emil , but my childhood favourite was Rasmus and the Vagabond about an orphaned boy who escapes the orphanage and joins a vagabond. Having said that, my latest novel Minus Me is my sweetest and least provocative work and the first to be translated into English. My debut book was published in - it was a decent debut, promising, said the critics.

I took it as a sign that I had potential to grow and improve. So I kept on writing and book by book I reached out to more young readers. In and I started to win awards and my books started to be translated, first into German, then French and now, with Minus Me , in English.

To be published in English feels like a miracle, but in reality it is hard work. Having a publisher that believed in me really helped, letting me write the books that I felt I needed to write, not what the market wanted. So does Jon Fosse , whose novels, short stories, poetry, essays and plays have been translated into more than forty languages. The books have been translated into several languages and will hopefully find their way into the English-speaking market as well.

Aina Basso writes historical novels for grown-ups and young adults alike.

10 must-read Swedish books

Her book Into The Fire, about a witch-hunt in the north of Norway, is another treat I hope an English audience will be able to enjoy some day. The liberty to write about anything, no matter how sad, dark and difficult it may be, sometimes gives a depressing result, but when written with dark humour in the mix, even the saddest thing can also make you laugh.

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