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Who Was Saint Nicholas?
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More filters. Sort order. Sep 27, Set rated it it was amazing Shelves: medieval , christmas. This is such a beautiful book lined with gold depicting medieval illustrations of the patron saint of little boys and girls, sailors, unmarried woman and many more. I learned so much of Saint Nicholas from this book but there is so much more information about him that doesn't fit on here, he was truly a mystical man of the Christian faith.

December 15, 2015

Dec 22, Michell Karnes rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction. A beautiful book giving the history of the real man who was St. Nicholas and his generosity. From this real man came the fictional Santa Claus of Christmas. The author states how as a child he could not fathom that this gift giving myth was not real. His research confirms the real individual who became a saint and the model for the benevolent yet fictional St. Jul 03, Beverly rated it it was amazing Shelves: pbnffolklore , pbnfchristian , pbnfbiography. Dec 08, Becca rated it really liked it. We are looking into tracing the story of St.

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Nick to our kids. This book really helped. Jan 10, Heidi rated it did not like it Shelves: children-christmas. I was looking for a picture book with factual information about Saint Nicholas. This book includes details that seemed very fantasized, which made it hard for me to take anything in the book as truth - an angel appearing to him, resurrecting 3 boys from the dead, his bones exuding fragrant healing oil, and many other miracles.

Saint Nicholas: The Original Santa Claus

I don't deny that miracles can and do happen, but the way it is written in this book made me very skeptical of their truth in St. Nicolas' life. I didn't feel comfortable I was looking for a picture book with factual information about Saint Nicholas. I didn't feel comfortable reading it to my children and presenting it as fact.

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Dec 05, Scott Hayden rated it it was ok Shelves: children , christianity. While it's good to be acquainted with legends of St. Nicholas, this author's tone and word choice give too much credit to some fantastic elements. If reading this to children, we need to help them excercise discernment. There is a lot of text, so you can be sure to have a lot of information to work with.

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Illustrations are mostly old masterpieces, makin While it's good to be acquainted with legends of St. Illustrations are mostly old masterpieces, making the book a source of art exploration as well.

St. Nicholas' Day

Excellent story of the real Santa Claus. I find that telling real stories to my children, instead of the make-believe stuff prepares them for the future. Emma Jahde rated it liked it Dec 01, Randie D. Camp, M. Rhonda Arnold rated it really liked it Dec 18, Nicholas thought of a clever way to give his gift in secret, showering gold coins into their house at night through the chimney. Some of the coins landed in the stockings that had been hung up to dry there.

The boy who became Father Christmas: The story of Santa Claus audiobook

His good deed brought a happily-ever-after ending, and inspired a Christmas tradition. This book is retold for children from the famous thirteenth century book by Jacopo de Voragine, The Golden Legend.

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Mary Joslin is the author of a number of storybooks for children. She draws her inspiration from the world's heritage of ancient stories. Helen Cann has been working as an illustrator for a number of years. After this the man was determined to find out who his helper was. Some days later Nicolas made his way once more through the city by night, and approaching the house, he listened.

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  5. All was still. Quietly he put his hand through the window and laid down the third ball of gold on, the sill. Suddenly there was a flash of light and the sound of footsteps, and the grateful man fell at his feet full, of joy and gratitude. That was only one of the kindnesses Nicolas did, and everybody learned to love him. Children smiled at him as he rode about on his white horse. Soon, other stories of the kindness of Nicolas became known.

    Everyone had heard how he saved the lives of three prisoners who were shut up in a gloomy tower, and also how he had healed a little burned child by his prayers. When he grew old Nicolas had a long white beard. They never forgot him, and every year, in December, when the day of his death came round, they wondered if he would come back, bringing presents in the night.

    Christmas time—the birthday of the Lord Jesus—is, of course, the best time of all for remembering good, kind deeds, so we, too, remember Santa Claus and hang up our stockings, wondering if he will come in the night!