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The third season episode, "Fun Run" has one character drive to Weyburn for a lark, suggesting Dog River is probably closer to Regina than it is to Saskatoon. In the episode "Outside Joke," when the Corner Gas station is believed to actually be outside the town limits, it is said to be in the fictional municipality of Pitt Creek. The town's name is an homage to series creator Brent Butt's hometown of Tisdale , Saskatchewan, through which the Doghide River flows.

However, in the show itself, the second season episode "Rock On! She discovered this trivia while researching information for a history plaque. In order to play down this unsavoury branch of her family tree , Lacey instead used a story that Karen made up—that pioneers somehow got hold of a hot air balloon , got an aerial view of the town site, and noticed that the creek formed a shape similar to that of a dog's leg.

Harold Main after whom Main Street was named it was later renamed Centennial Street in , the origin of the name being forgotten. Main also constructed Dog River's first building, a wooden shack that would later be burned down by Hank Yarbo a century later in order to maintain the accuracy of his Lego scale model of the town he ran out of blocks and could not make a replica of the shack. A real-life Regina tour operator regularly takes busloads of tourists to Rouleau to visit "Dog River. The remnants of the Corner Gas and Ruby standing sets, along with the grain elevator labelled "Dog River" are visible from ground level at the junction of Highways 39 and After falling into disrepair when the show ended, the Rouleau sets were purchased by businessman Sylvain Senecal and restored as a souvenir shop.

However, by , the Ruby and Corner Gas sets had once again fallen into disrepair and, due to being built on a bog, had begun to sink and were declared unsafe. On November 4, , the buildings were demolished. Despite this, however, the town of Rouleau announced at the same time plans for a walking tour of surviving Corner Gas sets to launch in , while the Western Development Museum branch in Moose Jaw announced plans to exhibit artifacts from the series, including the original Corner Gas sign.

The town has its own newspaper, The Dog River Howler usually just called " The Howler " , to which almost everybody has contributed at one point or another. Its headlines are usually rife with inaccurate, sensationalist reporting.

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An example of exaggeration can be seen in "Hero Sandwich," in which a proposal to install traffic lights at a four-way intersection prompts the headline "Crosswalk HELL—Mayor Insane. They also park behind the "surveillance bush" waiting for speeders. In "The Littlest Yarbo," a short-lived Fire Department consisting of two firefighters, David and Carol both showing remarkable similarities to Davis and Karen, respectively , was established by the mayor when the volunteer fire chief decided to sleep in as opposed to respond to a fire. The volunteer system was reestablished after Hank, Davis, and Oscar lit an uncontrollable leaf fire and the fire department did not respond as they were chasing a stray dog the same one Hank thought to be " The Littlest Hobo ".

Fitzy saw Davis in the aftermath as the only first responder there and gave him the new title of Chief, Volunteer Fire Department.

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With the exception of the first episode and "Dark Circles," the police use only one of them. The residents of Dog River have a pathological dislike of the residents of Wullerton, a neighboring town, to the point that they spit on the ground whenever the rival town is mentioned they are so used to it they sometimes do not realize it when they spit, and that the local newspaper will print " SPIT " after printing the town's name.

Ironically, the people of Wullerton may not hate Dog River, as seen in the fourth season's finale however, this was only part of Hank's fantasy sequence, and may not accurately reflect Wullerton's actual sentiment towards Dog River. The reason for this was never explained.

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Publicity for the second season indicated that the season finale would reveal the reason for the spitting; however, the episode as broadcast did not actually do so. This practice of looking down on neighboring towns is common in many prairie communities, primarily those in Saskatchewan and Alberta, such as Tisdale, Melfort, and Wilcox. Wullerton is first shown onscreen in Corner Gas: The Movie , as for the reason Dog River residents hate it so much: Wullerton is a creepy, eerily Stepford Wives -ish town where everyone is excessively nice and clean-cut, which tends to scare any visitors from Dog River.

Thunderface is an in-universe fictional band that was formed in the mid-'80s by lead singer Hank Yarbo, lead guitar player Brent Leroy, and bass guitar player Wanda Dollard.

In , the band was expanded to include drummer Karen Pelly, the most competent musician in the group. While filming, Fred Ewanuick did his own singing as Hank, Brent Butt played all of his own guitar parts, and Nancy Robertson learned to play bass shortly before filming commenced. Only Tara Spencer-Nairn did not do her own playing for the episode. Thunderface has suffered from relative anonymity due to confusion with their name as well as the fact that they have had only one gig since They have been referred to as "Rumblepuss," "Thunderbread," "Thunderchunks," and "Wonderface," among other names.

Their sound is described as similar to "a small animal caught in some kind of machinery," and their sole gig since was booked due to the humorous nature of their poor performance. Along with their gig in , they seemed to have done some school performances considering they blew the principal's eyebrows off.

The only song they have been heard to play is "Capital Cash" by Fast Exit, a band that Brent Butt played guitar in before he got into comedy. The Surveillance Bush is a bush that is only seen in the first episode and the last episode. Karen is seen hiding behind it in the Police Cruiser in Ruby Reborn. Davis and Karen are also seen on the last episode hiding behind it before tailing Brent in the final episode. Since there is no wind a cast member is actually lying down shaking the bush. The bush was only planted for those two scenes.

It debuted in January , outperforming all U.

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Miller also had a recurring role in the series Alienated in , giving her the rare distinction of playing major roles in three unrelated television series during the same calendar year although Robson Arms was not broadcast until Early in the run of Corner Gas , Toronto Sun television critic Bill Brioux reported an unconfirmed rumour that it had been unsuccessfully pitched to CBC Television , which came to be cited as evidence that the public broadcaster was out of touch with Canadian audiences.

Hank then debated with them the location of Mercy the Saskatchewan town where Little Mosque takes place in relation to Dog River.

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Live, in which the cast performed a live episode of the TV series. The popularity of the hit sitcom caused such a rush for tickets that the Globe Theatre's online ticket sales system briefly went down as a result. The show was offered to cable networks such as WGN America on an all-cash basis; the show was also offered to local stations on cash-plus-barter basis, [31] though it was unknown if any channels other than WGN America carried the series.

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In most cases, new episodes usually take a year or more to air in another country. On October 3rd , Amazon-owned IMDb announced that it will be exclusively streaming the entire Corner Gas franchise on their platform for free to American viewers starting October 15th, The second season set was released by CTV and Video Service Corporation and includes a peek at Season 3, bloopers, cast and crew interviews, a Thunderface music video as well as all season 2 episodes. The fourth season was released on DVD on September 18, Season 5 was released on DVD on October 7, , and is presented in a bobble-head theme.

Besides all nineteen season 5 episodes, the set includes Corner Gas character commentaries, "My Happy Place" in a music video format and bloopers. In Australia only the first three series have been released. The cover art for the seasons differ from the Region 1 releases. The first two seasons having the group of the cast in front of the gas station which is in the distant background, while the third season has them in front of the grain silo.

Brent Butt offered the eight-city "Gassed Up" tour beginning March 21, By the halfway point of the promotion, more than 40, litres of free gasoline had been pumped. The majority of episodes were broadcast online, with the one-hour finale broadcast live on The Comedy Network in February There are online games available such as prairie scramble, combine racing and the perfect pump when visiting various locations in virtual Dog River. Visiting the Ruby will provide an online chat room.

While at the virtual gas station you may shop online for licensed merchandise. Corner Gas has spawned a merchandising business, with hundreds of retail items, sold-out live touring productions, and best-selling DVDs. On December 12, , it was the top-selling non-fiction paperback in Canada, according to BookMarket data. It includes cast interviews, an episode guide, insider jokes, bloopers, best lines, a look at the real Dog River Rouleau, Saskatchewan , and a chronology on how the show was created from inception to debut episode.

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Corner Gas: The Movie premiered on December 3, for a limited five-day release in select Canadian theaters. All of the major cast members returned for the film. A episode animated series, titled Corner Gas Animated was announced on December 19, The series features the voices of many original cast members Corrine Koslo will provide the voice of Emma Leroy, replacing the late Janet Wright.

It debuted in April Corner Gas presently airs in 26 countries. This term, originally coined in an article from The Myrtle Beach Sun-News, [56] is now in use on many pages on the internet [57] [58] and has passed into the general lexicon, even to the extent of being included in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Corner Gas has won a variety of awards since it debuted as a series January including nine Canadian Comedy Awards and six Gemini Awards.

The show also has eight other Gemini Award nominations. It was nominated for an International Emmy Award in They were also nominated in Corner Gas also lays claim to seven Leo Award wins. Corner Gas received two awards at the 7th Canadian Comedy Awards.

The awards were given for best direction and to Janet Wright achieved the award for top female performer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Canadian television sitcom created by Brent Butt. Main article: List of Corner Gas episodes. National Post. Retrieved 13 August Retrieved Corner Gas.

Retrieved May 27, CTV Inc. CTV Globemedia. Archived from the original on Government of Saskatchewan. Toronto Star , December 19, Toronto Sun , January 30, Virtual Saskatchewan. CBC News. April 10, Corner Gas Online.

Pants Online Inc.