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Gabriel Flores. Department of First Stories author E. The story won the Robert L.

The Haward Mysteries, 0.2

Fish Memorial Award for best short story by a new American author. The author, Peter Hochstein, is himself a former newspaper reporter who has had a number of novels published under various pseudonyms. Our selection this month is a clever script from The Adventures of Ellery Queen radio series of the late s and the s. Novelist and short-story writer Marilyn Todd has been contributing to EQMM since , when she appeared in our May issue with the first short story in her series of mysteries set in Ancient Rome.

This last recording for is particularly appropriate for an anniversary celebration. Janet Hutchings, Jennifer B. Lee, and Sean Quimby offer closing remarks. This symposium will be presented here in four parts. He is a master at evoking the undercurrents to small-town life, and in he came in second in EQMM's annual Readers Award competition for just such a story.

Russell W. Johnson is a North Carolina lawyer who writes in his spare time; he has already shown a great mastery of plot and misdirection. On a recent trip to New York City, he made this recording. Hoch radio plays our listeners have enjoyed over the past several years. Based on the series character Dr. Sam Hawthorne, these dramatizations are the work of radioman Dave Amaral and were originally recorded in the s.

In this case, the New England country doctor must solve a murder in a house that appears to be haunted. This ingenious whodunit by one of the bestselling mystery writers of all time is read for us by Mark Lagasse.

The Haward Mysteries Series by Sophie Duncan

Screenwriter and novelist Paul D. Marks is also the author of more than thirty published short stories. This recording of the California author reading his celebrated story was made at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention in Raleigh, North Carolina in She is the author of several highly acclaimed novels of dark suspense, including 's Charlotte's Story, and she has a new story coming up in EQMM's July issue.

The series of Edward D. Hoch radio plays that EQMM has been running intermittently over the past several years concludes with this episode. Sam Hawthorne, the plays were produced and recorded by radioman Dave Amaral in the s.

Sam must find the explanation for a murder in a church steeple on Christmas Day. Our series of Ed Hoch radio plays, produced by Dave Amaral in the s and made available to the public for the first time as EQMM podcasts, is nearing an end. This penultimate episode in our ordering of the plays centers around a July Fourth celebration and contains typically brilliant puzzle construction by the most important classical mystery short-story writer of the nineteen sixties through most of the first decade of the twenty-first century.

Tim L. Join us this month for a story set in s Bahrain. It is read for us here by the author, Josh Pachter, a frequent contributor of fiction and translations to our magazine. Dean and went on to win the Robert L. Fish Award for best short story by a new American author. Here she is reading her award-winning debut story.

Reward Yourself

Marilyn Todd is known to historical mystery fans primarily for her series of novels and stories set in Ancient Rome, starring wine merchant Claudia Seferius, and for a second series set in Ancient Greece, starring High Priestess Iliona. But she often tackles more modern historical periods in her short stories. The story is read by Mark Lagasse. Edward D. Hoch, who died in , was the modern master of the locked-room, and, as is notable in this story, a writer able to recreate convincingly time periods other than our own.

This episode in a series of radio plays based on the stories of Edward D.

Hoch produced by Dave Amaral will surprise listeners with some new twists on the locked-room escape story. Sam Hawthorne. Prior to that she had already established herself as a short-story writer, shortlisted twice for Best American Mystery Stories. The holidays are here and we celebrate in this episode in our podcast series with a Christmas tale from Steve Hockensmith. This month, in another episode in a series of radio plays produced by Dave Amaral, Dr.

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Sam Hawthorne solves the seemingly instantaneous disappearance of a boy from a school playground. Featured this month is another in the series of plays produced by radioman Dave Amaral from the Dr.

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Sam Hawthorne stories of Edward D. As promised earlier this year, we are featuring this month another play from the series of radio adaptations of the stories of Edward D. Hoch, produced by Dave Amaral. Next month, we'll have another play in the series. Don't miss it! Author and professor Tim L. Williams writes primarily short stories, and his work has been consistently well received.

Professor of Criminal Justice Frankie Y. Bailey has written five novels in the Lizzie Stuart crime-historian mystery series. The story she reads for this podcast, "In Her Fashion," belongs to that series. Award-winning mystery writer, critic, and editor Martin Edwards is the creator of two long-running series of crime novels, and also the author of several dozen short stories, many of which have appeared in EQMM.

As promised last month, here is another dramatic adaptation of the Dr. Radio plays from this series, which was produced by Dave Amaral, have been featured as EQMM podcasts several times before, and additional episodes are scheduled for later this year. This episode is taken from Edward D.

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This month and next, plays from a series of radio adaptations of the Dr. The age of the one, a boy was about ten, that of the other, a girl, seven.

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  • Stockings: Two Haward Mysteries Christmas Short Stories!

They were looking up from their little stools to their parents, whose conversation they had been listening to with some attention, and anxiously awaiting for an opportunity to speak upon a subject in which their hearts were much interested. Christmas eve is an epoch in the life of youth. They look forward to its approach with all those pleasing anticipations ever attendant on boyhood, and to the fulfillment of those joyous dreams which pictured that happy event in all the gorgeous colors of youthful fancy.

There is a charm in the very sound of Christmas; it comes upon the heart that is care worn like a ray of hope; it sheds upon the pallid cheek of sorrow a beam with illumines the darkest chambers of the soul; it is a day set apart for the great purpose of purifying the moral world, and giving to created things a glimpse of that which is eternal. The Sabbath is the holy day of the week — Christmas of the year.

Happy they who can meet it with a smile — happy they who extend to their children the full hand, and strew their pathway with the gems their young fancies had conjured up. The hobby-horse in the eyes of a little urchin, is a mine of wealth; a doll to a smiling faced girl, is a gift whose price, in her estimation, is beyond human computation. What is the future to the enjoyment of youth who bask in the sunshine of the present?