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From friends to sweethearts Minnie Fox's goal is to find a beau who can help support her ailing father and his struggling dress shop. As a working man, her friend Peter Simmons simply doesn't fit the bill.

Instead, Minnie's got eyes for Peter's childhood pal—a wealthy Chicagoan. So why can't she stop thinking about Peter? Peter wishes Minnie would see him as more than a friend. Regency; , travelling equestrian circus smuggles gold for the British army across the Pyrenees.

Regency; soldier returns from Peninsular War to wed sweetheart, but she wants a more stable existence. Medieval; s, Norman convent-bred heroine sent to England to take dead sister's place in aristocratic marriage. Victorian; London , scandalous woman agrees to month of hedonistic servitude, Ladies Sewing Circle 5.

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Georgian era; St Andrews, Scotland , woman hasn't conceived with her husband but needs a child, Taskill Witches 2 reprint. Medieval; Ireland , hero is attracted to the love-slave he is supposed to deliver to his king, linked to Her Warrior Slave. Tudor era; Ottoman Empire, , Bedouin princess tries to escape slave market, taken to Prince's harem. Regency; , old flame, poor relation, former servant now self-made man, linked to Three Soldiers series. Western; El Dorado, Kansas , the marshal and woman who had a passionate encounter meet again.

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Soaring Home (Mills & Boon Historical)

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