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But we owed them all that same duty of warm zeal: the duty to put ourselves in their shoes and to do everything we ethically could do to achieve the best result for them. Those words have disappeared from the Model Rules, from the rules governing New York lawyers and now even their preamble , and from the ethical rules governing most lawyers across the nation. Where did they go? Why are they gone?

Will they ever come back? Those questions are weighty ones. But before we get there, we should look at where they came from in the first place, and that story begins with a 19th-century debate between opposing camps separated by an ocean. Already a Member? Log In. Search ABA.

Lawyer Jokes - The Good, the Bad and the Dirty

Close Search Submit Clear. The woman I thought of as a good friend is one. Very devious and conniving. Another relative added to the stress. Then I had another major operation. At times, looking back, she elaborated on things, and slowly the knife twisted. It nearly sent me over the edge. It caused a rift with my husband and we divorced, and amazingly and are on good terms now, trying to get back together.

I found out later that she had been the same with a neighbour, even her ex husband and own brother said be careful if you cross her. It has made me very wary of people. Ive told our 3 kids what she did and for them to be careful. It makes me creep. I remember him saying one time, before I was ever involved with him, that he was VERY fickle and wishy washy as it pertains to women. Its funny the things you remember later on that they revealed. I think that goes along with the shallow emotions and the fleeting nature of those type of limited feelings.

I never suspected anything at the time, that he was a sociopath. I never even thought about sociopathy back then. I received a crash course in them. I was surrounded by several.

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They fool alot of people. So I did everything they say NOT to do. Still in a non-consensual long-distance relationship with one that I know of. Never considered it problematic til she started doing her hair like mine in an attempt to pass as me. The sociopath I knew was also sadistic. I was extremely naive about it at the time, but rabbits, parakeets, chickens, and the puppy went missing. He would let the rabbits out to entertain himself watching the family try to catch them.

Understanding the DUI Police Report

One day I noticed him tossing the chickens around carelessly, hurting them, and it came to me in horror that he was likely behind the other animals disappearing. My ex-husband is a sociopath. He charmed his way into my heart. At first, I he treated me as though I was the most rarest of gems. I thought and would tell others that he was a gift to me, all I had ever dreamed of.

He started to change with money. He was always chronically broke. I loved him, so I loved his son. Of course I did it. I did it again for Christimas. Then he needed money to survive because of his first divorce settlement taking most of his salary. He then asked me to move in with him and he would re-mortgage his home. That is not to mention, the repeat ended infidelity. He knew that I had a fear of infidelity because of my parents life and my own experience. Every time I did not do what he wanted, he would cheat on me. My fear of this made me comply with everything he wanted. The first time, we had a minor disagreement over how long I spent by my parents house.

On hour later, I found his car parked at his ex-girlfriends house. I knocked on the door, she came out half dressed saying that he was now with her. I fell for this, and that started the chain he would use to have repeated affairs. In our second year of marriage I had caught him with four different women. How did it end? I was 36 at the time, he found a wealthy 56 year old woman, living by herself, no boyfriend and no kids. He got her to fall in love with him. She paid off all his debts as part of our divorce settlement, so I was debt free and we got divorced.

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One moth after the divorce, he came back to me, claiming he was in love, he dumped the older woman — 12 years older than him — and he wanted me back. He stalked me at my home for four months.

Help Desk National Microsoft Pinpoint scammers

If I went out, he would show up there and hide, watching me and sending me nasty texts. He would come to my house any hour day or night and expect to be let in. He would call me and talk with me saying very little from 9pm until sometime 5am. I became addicted to him, like a drug and it was so hard to get free.

I would advise all women too stay away from these type. You cannot love them into loving you, you cannot do enough for them, they always want more. Once they know what hurts you, they will use that to control you. He was physically and emotionally abusive. These are not the people you want to mess with. The truth does remain that I feel almost nothing, not love, not joy, but I do understand anger. Thank you for that insight.

May I ask you a question? Was it only the anger?

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And you said you understand anger, but do you feel it? To what degree can they convince others to turn against you or make others think you are them?

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  7. Is there any way to undo their influence on others? I am a product to it, They are very good at recruiting supporters that do not think to get both sides and make their own judgment. Then it becomes like a cancer and spreads then these supports themselves do not see the damage that has been inflicted on them. They tend to either attract likeness or prey on the emotions of others.

    Mine ended up stripping me of my life and children and more than 11 years later am still trying to put the pieces together. Unfortunately I have been blindsided by even a better socio than the first and I am at least educating myself more and will inform all the victims I know of to date of his antics. I will not allow someone again if i have any input to do this to another again.

    I dated one recently, and though it only took me a month and a half to clock him for what he is, the psychic contamination he inflicted in that short span of time was enough to incite me back into therapy. Straightaway I noted as soon as she mentioned his name, I became instantly fixated on him once again, unable to think of anything else.