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No Time To Wait, Part 2: Building a Public Service for the 21st Century
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Stones recording veteran Nicky Hopkins provides the song's swirling piano runs. The song's most noteworthy elements, however, are Mick Taylor 's extended guitar solo and Jagger's lyrics. Taylor credits inspiration for the solo to a visit to Brazil following the Stones' European Tour Taylor's solo guitar piece carries the song to its conclusion. Jagger's lyrics are a pastiche of complex observations and reflections. He speaks in the voice of a person learning the true meaning of life, that, as the title suggests, time waits for no one:.

Yes, star crossed in pleasure the stream flows on by Yes, as we're sated in leisure, we watch it fly Drink in your summer, gather your corn The dreams of the night time will vanish by dawn. Subsequently, the track was included on 's Sucking in the Seventies. This is a truncated version, with a running time some two minutes shorter than the original, and Taylor's solo faded out early. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. Dont you think, ie a Mum with five small kids is more likely to be late at this time in her life??? Further to the ADHD comment, there are other problems that increase the liklihood of a person turning up late.

I have insomnia, so I often spend two to six hours trying to GET to sleep, which is actually more of an issue when I KNOW I have to get up at a certain time, so spend a lot of time fretting over the fact that I now have only six hours to sleep… Four… Three and a bit… Two…. I set up at least four alarms on my phone when I have to be somewhere, in case I get distracted. The problem lies elsewhere. I think a lot of how you behave is what you can get away with. Yup, same thing for me.

The ADHD thing is a copout.

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The thing is you either put systems in place to keep you from being late, or you dont. Also, you have to understand your social groups. If you know that it helps. If such rules do not exist in your social group and they are not hard expectations , then lateness is extremely rude. Being late is rude, and there is no excuse for chronic lateness. Be kind, be nice to them and move on. BUt do not accept their lazyness.

Filatov & Karas - Time Won't Wait (Lyric Video)

Mybe one day they will learn. I have to get ready hours before hand sometimes and can be late still every now and then even though it is never intentional. I have ADHD and 8 kids. I have clocks in every room including the bathroom. Some rooms I have more than one. If you really care about other people then you will over compensate not use ADHD as an excuse.

I know I lose track of time and underestimate how long things will take, but I think the biggest hurdle is feeling panicked because I feel a lot of social anxiety at times. Honestly sometimes the thought of being early and sitting there waiting just gives me anxiety.

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It hurts to hear you say people who are late are rude and selfish, but hearing that those who wait must feel that way may help me focus on that and not the anxiety. Please excuse my irritation, but I just went through this for the millionth and maybe the last time.

Buy a watch!! JUne, I so relate to you! I hate it! I really do cry when I see how it looks to others …because that is not me! But I try to understand people that have behavior that is not healthy.

Driving test waiting times

I am a special ed. We can see from this article that prompt people really do not understand our struggle! I want someone to discover how to help late people change. I want to change! I go to bed late! I understand how you feel June.

Soul Asylum - No Time For Waiting - text

I always want to be on time but I too suffer from a sort of social anxiety. I stress out about how I look and change clothes at the last minute or feel insecure about meeting at a public place , im very insecure and worry constantly about how others will perceive me. Sometimes I realize I may be late if I dont hurry and that too makes me feel anxiety. I kind of shut down my logical thinking and go into my own world, , as the clock is ticking I have no concept of time while I continue to hurriedly take on more and more small last minute tasks.

I have lost more than one job for not being on time. In high school I was constantly serving detentions for tardiness. I totally understand how annoying it is when someone is never on time. I do care for others feelings and want to make others happy I especially want to be dependable for anything I have commited to. I truely belive alot of it has to do with disorganization of time and belongings and maybe emotions too. I do think there is a difference between people who are late without much care kinda meandering in when they feel like it without remorse compared to those of us with disorders or poor organization who truely do worry, feel guilty, anxious, and regretfull at their lateness even if it is a habit.

Some are legitimate and some not so much. If you are a chronically late, simply decline the invitation and be honest. Seriously America. In almost all cases, your job starts at the same time everyday. Ok seriously, I hear you about the wishy washy sounding bs excuses… but let me say this, adhd is real dispite over diagnosis and actually causes serious issues with time management.

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  8. I too struggle with time management and strive to overcome it as I think all people should. Not really. Both scenarios are equally frustrating, but just as difficult for the offender to turn off. My closing statement: as I teach my daughter, punctuality is a vital life skill and so is flexibility.

    Since on the topic of issues that contribute to lateness, what would you say to a person with OCD? Upside of hands down out performing and producing at a higher quality. Or the terrible parts of OCD kick in harder.

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    Should we all throw stones, wag our fingers and preach about timeliness to them? The lazy, rude inconsiderate OCD-ritual-laden star performer? The kind of person people love to hate. The nerve! You obviously think pretty highly of yourself. My entire life, my mom has run late to every single event I can remember and it seems that my life has been filled with perpetual tardiness as well — as well as other issues. So many things make sense ever since my diagnosis. It used to be a source of extreme anxiety for me. I am a special education teacher… so I understand the issue.

    What has helped you? I struggle with time management!