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  1. Violent knights feared posttraumatic stress

Violent knights feared posttraumatic stress

War photographers typically wear flak jackets in combat zones. It all went down at Smederevo Fortress, a 15th-century stone citadel on the banks of the Danube River. The event kicked off May 2 with a solemn but colorful parade of flags and heraldry. The knights swore to fight fairly and even gobbled a loaf of bread to show they meant it—though who would have doubted them? They traveled from as far as Brazil, Mexico, and China to fight, their luggage weighed down with steel helmets, plate armor, and heavy shields authentic to the 13th through 17th centuries. Anyone who did anything less than chivalrous—say, striking an opponent in the groin, neck, or other sensitive region—risked a color card from the ref.

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James Douglas was only a child when his father died fighting alongside William Wallace against the English invasion of Scotland. Sent to Paris for his own safety, it was there that he learned the ways of knighthood. A leading fighter in the Scottish guerrilla war, Sir James captured Douglas and Roxburgh Castles and and fought in the famous Scottish victory at Bannockburn Diverted to a crusade against the Saracens in Spain, Douglas saw a fellow knight become surrounded at the Battle of Teba.

The Percy family were one of the most powerful in northern England. Throughout the 14th and 15th centuries, this part of the country was plagued by violence, including local feuds, Scottish raids and even rebellions.

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  • Sir Henry Percy, known as Hotspur, became a part of this. Knighted at the age of 13, Hotspur fought in his first battle only a year later, helping to capture Berwick Castle.