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Dark and exotic, black pearls have captured the imagination of men and women around the world for centuries. A hundred times more rare than white pearls, black pearls have been imbued with all kinds of mythical properties and lore. Tahitian pearls are one of only two naturally-colored black pearls in the world. Tahitian pearls are cultured in the Pinctada margaritifera saltwater pearl oyster in French Polynesia, and range in size from 8. The pearls feature primary body colors ranging from pale dove grey to dark charcoal grey to near jet black hues.

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Sea of Cortez pearls are the only other naturally-colored "black" pearls in the world. Cultured in Guyamas, Mexico, they're also the most rare cultured pearl type today.

Blue Pearlsrare? - Pearlescence

Sea of Cortez pearls are cultired in the Ptera sterna, the Rainbow-lipped saltwater oyster. Sea of Cortez pearls also feature primary body colors of pale to dark greys. Cultured in Japan and China using the Pinctada fucata martensii saltwater oyster, Black Akoya pearls range in size from 6.

Black Akoya pearls are easily distinguished by their near jet-black and very uniformly matched body colors. Shop For Black Akoya Pearls. Black Freshwater pearls are color-treated, usually dyed. Cultured in China using the Hyriopsis cumingii pearl mussel, Freshwater pearls range in size from 6. Shop For Black Freshwater Pearls.

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Opulent, luxurious and best of all, naturally colored, Golden South Sea pearls are some of the largest and rarest cultured pearls in the world. Ranging in color from pale Champagne to intense 24K golden hues, these cultured pearls hail from the tropical lagoons and atolls of the Philippine Islands and Australia. Pearls featuring the 14K Medium-Deep Golden hue are among the most common body colors available today.

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  • Shimmering with Neutral Gold or Rose overtones, these Golden pearls look great on the largest array of complexions. Golden South Sea pearls featuring the 22K to 24K hues are the rarest and most valuable all other factors being equal. Champagne Golden South Sea pearls are very rare. The Champagne color is a mix of very pale, 10K gold, Silver and Rose hues. It is a very light color, very unique and rare and great for us blondes!

    Naturally colored pink to peach pearls are cultured in the Freshwater pearl mussel, Hyriopsis cumingii along with various hybrid mussels bred to produce unique colors and sizes in freshwater aquaculture ponds on China. Each Freshwater pearl mussel can be nucleated up to 25 times on each side of the shell, making for a stunningly colorful harvest.

    They range from pale peach to apricot orange-ish to pale baby pinks and deeper true-pink hues. Silvery-pinks and mauves are also included in this gorgeous palette. Pink Freshwater pearls range from pastel baby pinks to deeper hot pinks and corals. Peach Freshwater pearls range from pale peaches to deeper orangey and apricot colors. Naturally colored Lavender Freshwater pearls are cultured in the Freshwater pearl mussel, Hyriopsis cumingii.

    These large pearl mussels are bred and cared for in freshwater aquaculture ponds and lakes in China. Nucleated up to 25 times per each side of its shell, a Freshwater pearl harvest is a very colorful affair, yielding shades of Lavender, Pink, Peach and White pearl colors.

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    Delicate to deeper shades of Lavender are a natural color seen only in cultured Freshwater pearls from China. The colors can present as pale lilac to silvery-purple to deeper lavender and do include mauve tones as well. The deepest shades of Lavender Freshwater pearls are no-doubt-about purple colors.

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    These natural colors range from dark lilac to even deeper lavender hues. Typical overtones will be pastel Aquamarine, Silver and Rose. The paler shades of Lavender range from a dirty-rose mauve color to pastel lilac. Typical overtones will be pastel Green, Gold, Aquamarine or Rose. Perhaps the rarest and most unique pearl color of them all, true blue pearls are one of the wonders of the world.

    Naturally blue-colored pearls come in astonishing array of hues from pastel Sky Blue to dark Midnight Blue colors, with an even wider array of dazzling overtones. Over time, this grows into the pearl. In general, the thicker the nacre, the deeper and richer the color of the pearl. Sometimes, pearl manufacturers can influence the color of the pearl by using various culturing techniques. One main way is to include tissue from an additional oyster into the host oyster as well as the nucleus.

    Dyeing the pearl is another way to change the color of the gemstone. For example, any black pearl you see on the market that is not a Tahitian pearl, has been dyed. This includes black Akoya pearls. The most common pearl colors are white to gray, with pink, silver and green overtones. Black pearls are also relatively abundant and can be easily found on the market. However, most of the colored pearls are very rare and it can be difficult to find natural ones. Pink pearls are highly prized, especially in the United States, but are among the rarest natural pearl colors.

    These are created by the endangered queen conch snail and as yet have not been successfully cultured.

    Blue Pearl Liveaboard, Egypt

    As a result, most pink pearls on the market are dyed freshwater pearls. Another rare and very pricey type of pearl is the Golden south sea. These are created by the gold lipped oyster and are only found in certain parts of the world. Natural Blue Akoya pearls are also extremely rare. Although in the past they were seen as pariahs of the pearl industry, due to their different color and often irregular shape, they are now highly coveted.

    Pearl color has a major impact on cost, although there are other factors to consider as well, such as size, type, quality, shape and luster.

    If a pearl color is uniform and even, it adds to the value of the stone. Deep body tones with beautiful overtone colors are more expensive than duller stones. In general, pearls with different colors such as gold, pink and blue are more expensive, due to their rarity. Black pearls used to be extremely expensive, but they are now more affordable since they have begun to be cultured. While white pearls are generally less expensive than colored varieties, a natural white pearl would be more expensive than cultured colored pearls.

    Currently, the most expensive pearls that are commonly found on the market are the South Sea variety, which occurs primarily in white and gold colors. Pearls are among the oldest used gemstones in jewelry and like all gemstones, has acquired symbolism and meaning over time. White pearls have always been a favorite when it comes to wedding jewelry. It is easy to see why as the symbolism and appearance of these stones are ideal for a new bride. They are a symbol of innocence, purity and beauty. White also symbolizes peace and sincerity. Down the hallway you will find a King bedroom with en suit bath and another queen bedroom.

    So come curl up on the couch or deck and enjoy the sound of the waves lapping at the shore, take in the views and fall in love with your home away from home.

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